History of Named Awards

The history and recipients of all national and Section Triological Society awards are available in the Awards booklet. This booklet includes the following:

Triological Society National Awards:
•  The Triological Society Gold Medal
•  The Patrick E. Brookhouser MD Award for Excellence
•  Thesis Awards
          Harris P. Mosher MD Award (for clinical research)
          Edmund Prince Fowler MD Award (for basic research)
          Maureen Hannley Award (for alternative science)

Triological Society Section Awards:
•  Resident Research Awards
•  George L. Adams MD Young Faculty Award (Middle Section)


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We Need Your Help

We have lost contact with the following Inactive, Senior and Emeritus members. If you have contact information for any of these members, we would welcome any information that you could share with us.

Peter W.R.M. Alberti, MD
Philippe A. Bernard, MD
David A. Bray, MD FACS
Richard B. Carley, MD
James E. Creston, MD FACS
R. Kim Davis, MD
Lawrence W. De Santo, MD
James P. Dudley, MD
Isaac H. Eliachar, MD FACS
Margaret M. Fletcher, MD
James F. Gardner, MD
Edward B. Gaynor, MD FACS
Don E. Gebhart, MD
Donald W. Goin, MD
P. John Hagan, MD
Howard C. High, Jr., MD
John S. Huff, MD
J. Donald Imbrie, MD
Ivo P. Janecka, MD
Eugene B. Kern, MD
Horst R. Konrad, MD
Howard B. Lampe, MD
Mary D. Lekas, MD DSc FACS
John C. Lillie, MD
Ward B. Litton, MD
George D. Lyons Jr., MD
Charles A. Mangham Jr., MD
Mark May, MD
Guy E. McFarland, III, MD
Francis L. McNelis, MD FACS
Valentine Mersol, MD
John Alan Metheny, MD
William L. Meyerhoff, MD
Ludwig A. Michael, MD FACS
Andrew W. Miglets Jr., MD
Steven J. Millen, MD
Peter J. Moloy, MD
Karl M. Morgenstein, MD
Donald J. Nalebuff, MD
Hoke S. Nash Jr., MD
James E. Olsson, MD
Lindsay L. Pratt, MD
Conrad A. Proctor, MD FACS
Leonard R. Proctor, MD
Julio Quevedo, MD
Cedric A. Quick, MD FACS
Harold J. Quinn, MD
Jordan C. Ringenberg, MD
William F. Robbett, MD
Ramon Ruenes, MD
Robert E. Ryan, MD FACS
Gary L. Schechter, MD
Robert A. Schindler, MD
Melvin D. Schloss, MD
Roger A. Simpson, MD
Allen Small, MD
Alan J. Sogg, MD
M. Stuart Strong, MD
Miles Taylor, MD
Gary K. Thomas, MD
James N. Thompson, MD
James Toomey, MD
Lawrence W. Travis, MD FACS
Richard L. Voorhees, MD FACS
Joseph W. Walike, MD
Harold H. Wanamaker, MD
James F. White, MD
Robert E. Whited, MD
Warren E. Wiesinger, MD
William R. Wilson, MD
Laurence E. Winter, MD
Harry Zoller, MD FACS

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