Active Fellowship is achieved by presenting a thesis in the field of otolaryngology considered acceptable to a panel of peers. The first step in becoming a candidate for Active Fellowship is proposal for Fellowship by two voting Fellows of the Society (Active, Senior or Emeritus). Otolaryngologists must be certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, have been in practice, teaching or research for at least three years post-training, have published a minimum of two papers in peer refereed journals, met the meetings attendance requirement, as well as other requirements for candidacy. New Candidate materials are processed once per year and ARE DUE NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 1ST of each year. Please advise if you need additional time. Thesis information is available below.

Please review the eligibility requirements in our Active Fellowship Guidelines.

Our online application process is now open.

The Active Fellow Application is available for informational purposes.


Fellowship in the Triological Society brings the distinction of being elected to the most prestigious society in otolaryngology. Names of those who have achieved Fellowship can be found in their section of residence:


Triological Thesis Information

A thesis is required in order to attain Active Fellowship in the Society. Applicants for Active Fellowship must be approved by the Council and authorized to submit a thesis. Theses are due in September of each year. Candidates must adhere to the new guidelines and categories outlined in the documents below. A Thesis Advisory Committee is available to assist candidates. Information is contained in the Guidelines document.


View Published Award Winning Theses

Harris P. Mosher Awardees

2014 • George B. Wanna, MD FACS • The Impact of Electrode Type and Surgical Approach on Scalar Electrode Location and Hearing Outcomes in Cochlear Implantation • publishing link

2015 • Lisa E. Ishii, MD MHS • The Social Distraction of Facial Paralysis: Objective Measurement of Social Attention Using Eye Tracking &bull: publishing link

2016 • Giovana R. Thomas, MD FACS • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Induced Oropharyngeal Cancer in Hispanics in the US: Differences in Clinical Presentation and Survival Outcomes • publishing link

2017 • Jonathan M. Bock, MD • Evaluation of the Natural History of Patients Who Aspirate • publishing link

Edmund Prince Fowler Awardees

204 • Hinrich Staecker, MD PhD • Optimizing atoh1 Induced Vestibular Hair Cell Regeneration • publishing link

2015 • Bradford A. Woodworth, MD • Resveratrol Ameliorates Abnormalities of Fluid and Electrolyte Secretion in a Hypoxia-Induced Model of Acquired CFTR Deficiency • publishing link

2016 • Gregory A. Grillone, MD FACS • The Color of Cancer: Margin Guidance for Oral Cancer Resection Using Elastic Scattering Spectroscopy (ESS) • publishing link

2017 • Syed F. Ahsan, MD FACS • An Animal Model of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Treating Tinnitus – A Proof of Concept Study • publishing link

Maureen Hannley Awardees

2016 • Paul Hong, MD FRCSC • Parental Decision Making in Pediatric Otoplasty: The Role of Shared Decision Making in Parental Decisional Conflict and Decisional Regret • publishing link

Honorable Mention for Clinical Research Awardees

2014 • Andrew R. Scott, MD FACS • Regional Variations in the Presentation and Surgical Management of Pierre Robin Sequence • publishing link

2015 • Oliver F. Adunka, MD • Round Window Electrocochleography before and after Cochlear Implant Electrode Insertion • publishing link

2015 • Hamid R. Djalilian, MD • Development of a Novel Completely-in-the-Canal Direct-Drive Hearing Device • publishing link

2015 • Brett A. Miles, MD DDS FACS • Feasibility of Intraoperative Margin Control Utilizing High Resolution Microendoscopy Optical Imaging for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma • publishing link

2017 • Daniel H. Coelho, MD FACS • MRI Surveillance of Vestibular Schwannomas without Contrast Enhancement: Clinical and Economic Evaluation • publishing link

Honorable Mention for Basic Science Awardees

2014 • Kenneth H. Lee, MD PhD • Ephs and Ephrins in Cochlear Innervation and Implications for a Biological Approach to Advancing Cochlear Implant Function • publishing link

2015 • Ian N. Jacobs, MD FACS • The Development of an In Vitro and In Vivo Derived Tissue-Engineered Cartilage for Pediatric Laryngotracheal Reconstruction in a Rabbit Model • publishing link

2016 • Lamont R.D. Jones, MD • Biological Significance of Genome Wide DNA Methylation Profiles in Keloids • publishing link

2017 • Devraj Basu, MD PhD FACS • Factors Impacting Generation of PDX Models of HPV Related Head and Neck Cancer • publishing link

With Distinction Awardees

2014 • Howard W. Francis, MD • Hearing Outcomes in Older Patients with Cochlear Implants: A Retrospective Study of Clinical and Psychosocial Risk Factors • publishing link

2015 • Wade Wei-De Chien, MD • Cochlear Gene Transfer Mediated by Adeno-Associated Virus: Comparison of Two Surgical Approaches • publishing link

2015 • Noam A. Cohen, MD PhD • The Genetics of the Bitter Taste Receptor T2R38 in Upper Airway Innate Immunity and Implications for Chronic Rhinosinusitis • publishing link

2017 • Matthew L. Bush, MD FACS • Promotion of Early Pediatric Hearing Detection through Patient Navigation: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial • publishing link

2017 • David Goldenberg, MD FACS • Altered Molecular Profile in Thyroid Cancers from Patients Affected by the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident • publishing link

2018 • David J. Eisenman, MD • Evaluation and Treatment of Pulsatile Tinnitus Associated with Sigmoid Sinus Wall Anomalies • publishing link

The Following Awards May Be Made Annually for Excellence in Theses

•  Harris P. Mosher Award Recipients
•  Edmund Prince Fowler Award Recipients
•  Maureen Hannley Award Recipients
•  Honorable Mention for Basic Science Award Recipients
•  Honorable Mention for Clinical Research Award Recipients
•  Honorable Mention Award Recipients
•  With Distinction Award Recipients


Post-Graduate Membership

Membership is available to MD Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeons who have completed their accredited core residency training program and are proposed by two voting Fellows of the Society (Active, Senior, Emeritus). This membership category is for a period of four years post-residency. Membership allows you to register for all Triological Society meetings at the member rate (Section and Annual/COSM), you receive a subscription (paper and electronic) to the Society’s journal, The Laryngoscope, and receive all Society publications and announcements, including requests for proposals/grant funding. If you are in a Fellowship program and are chosen to make an oral or poster presentation at a Triological Society meeting, you are eligible for a $750 travel grant. Download the Post-Graduate Membership Guidelines and Post-Graduate Application here. Application materials are accepted at any time.


Resident Membership

Residents may become members of the Society at any time throughout their residency training program. Resident applicants must be recommended for membership by their Program Directors. Members receive a subscription (paper and electronic) to the Society’s journal, The Laryngoscope, and receive all Society publications and announcements. Resident members are eligible for resident research awards and travel awards if accepted for a podium or poster presentation at our Combined Sections (Winter) Meetings and eligible for travel awards if accepted for a podium or poster presentation at our Annual Meetings at COSM. Download the Resident Membership Guidelines and Resident Application here. Application materials are accepted at any time. Resident membership to the Triological Society is free.


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